The IHC Litigation & Regulatory Law Practice Group serves as a key resource for in-house counsel Litigation & Regulatory Law practitioners. Stay up to date on all things Banking & Financial Services Law with live, exclusive CLE webinars from thought leaders, and network with peers and experts from across the country.


Selected topics include:

    • Litigation management, including managing outside counsel
    • Litigation nationwide trends, including technology and trial updates
    • Class action litigation, FTC and State AG investigations and litigation
    • Corporate, criminal, and Product liability litigation
    • Dispute resolution, including Arbitration and mediation trends;
    • All things E-discovery
    • And all things Insurance litigation


Who should apply:

  • Full-time in-house attorneys employed by an organization in the public or private sector (ASLP and contract attorneys on a long-term placement are eligible)
  • In-House Counsel whose practice includes at least 30% of the practice area


Practice Group Benefits:

  • Receive exclusive invites to live, curated CLE webinars and virtual networking events with peers;
  • Join a curated community of peers
  • Build relationships with fellow practitioners
  • Gain advice and learn practical tips directly from thought leaders


Why you should apply:

  • Practice Area Group Events are exclusively limited to Practice Group members, and are meant to be smaller, more intimate gatherings, as opposed to the larger, more general audience of IHC Events. This gives Practice Group members the chance to stay on top of recent developments and meaningfully network and build relationships with peers and thought leaders.



  • Each application will be carefully screened. Please provide accurate and truthful submissions. Incomplete or inaccurate submissions will be rejected. IHC reserves the right to reject or remove any applicant for any reason.

please Complete the following form to apply: 

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