Job Bank Policy

In-House Connect (“IHC”) offers the Job Bank platform as a convenience for members to post job listings and the general public to review.  A job seeker should respond directly to the employer that posted the listing.  IHC is not involved in any contact or communication between employers and job seekers.  IHC does not control the quality, safety, accuracy or legality of the jobs listed or the ability of job seekers to fulfill job responsibilities.  Employers are solely responsible for drafting job listings and making all hiring decisions.  Accordingly, IHC will not be considered an employer in connection with any listing or any use of the Job Bank.  IHC does not review listings for compliance with applicable laws in each jurisdiction and relies on each employer to ensure compliance.  Accordingly, each employer warrants that its listing(s) submitted to the Job Bank complies with all applicable laws and all legal requirements in the applicable jurisdiction.  While IHC reserves the right in its sole discretion to review, not to post, and to remove a job listing at any time, IHC does not assume any obligation to do so and, to the fullest extent permitted by law, disclaims any liability for not taking any such action.  These terms are supplemental to IHC’s Terms of Use, which also apply to use of the Job Bank.

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