Sam Kidd, CEO

Sam Kidd is the CEO of LawVu, a Tauranga-based in-house legal software company that he co-founded 10 years ago. An advocate of the SaaS business model, Sam is passionate about helping organizations improve how they communicate and collaborate using technology. His can-do attitude coupled with his entrepreneurial nous make him the driving force behind LawVu, which is transforming and empowering in-house legal teams on a global scale.


Shai Mahani

Shai has been practicing law since 2010 and has been in-house since 2014. In his previous role as Data Privacy and Marketing Counsel at Altice USA, Shai provided strategic legal advice to senior-level stakeholders with respect to data privacy, cybersecurity, and marketing related issues. Shai also negotiated commercial contracts and drafted customer facing policies and terms.
In 2015, Shai joined the leadership team of the New York In-House Counsel Meetup, which is now known as In-House Connect. Shai enjoys the thrill of meeting new people and fostering personal relationships. As co-founder of In-House Connect, Shai works with leading law firms to present high quality and topical CLE programs to the IHC members, and he takes the lead role in organizing IHC’s winter and summer networking events.


Patrick Kelley

Client obsessed technology consultant focused on pre and post-sales activities related to the customer experience, with a specialty in Legal Operations.

Patrick Owns the partnership channel function on behalf of LawVu. This includes building out their channel function ecosystem with a dynamic group of service providers that both add value to LawVu in terms of complimenting thei nternal operations as well enhance clients’ pursuit of advancing their corporate legal function via optimal processes and technology use.


HUMANS OF LEGALTECH: Meet the Co-Founder of the First Truly Connected Software Platform for In-House Counsel!


Event Description

Meet the Co-Founder of the First Truly Connected Software Platform for In-House Counsel!


Join us at 4pm ET / 1pm PT on Wednesday, May 22 as Shai will interview Sam Kidd, CEO and Co-Founder of LawVu, the legal workspace tool that helps in-house legal teams do their best work, faster.


With everything in one place, teams can see exactly what needs to be done, collaborate with stakeholders as needed, and get time back to take on a more strategic role in their business. Connecting in-house legal teams to the rest of the business – and each other – LawVu lets them focus on the work that matters most.


We will discuss:


  • How Sam got started in his career and transitioned into LegalTech
  • When and why did he decide to start LawVu?
  • What problem is LawVu trying to solve?
  • What makes LawVu different from other matter management tools?
  • How is LawVu helping Legal Departments today? and
  • Which Legal Departments would benefit from LawVu?

Who should attend:

All in-house legal professionals who are interested in LegalTech, Matter Management, or law and entrepreneurship!


There is NO COST to attend this program!

This program is FREE, thanks to our gracious sponsor, LawVu! If you can’t attend the live program, the FREE recording will be available via the In-House Connect Hub!

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