Daniel Lewis


Daniel is a recognized leader in advancing legal technology, with 10+ years at the industry’s cutting edge. He is the US CEO of LegalOn Technologies, a global leader in AI contract review trusted by over 4,000 legal teams globally for pre-signature review.

Previously, as co-founder and CEO of Ravel Law, Daniel helped pioneer the use of data analytics and visualization to transform legal research. After LexisNexis acquired Ravel Law, Daniel oversaw several of LexisNexis’s business units, including as the VP of practical guidance and analytical content. Daniel is a graduate of Stanford University Law School and is admitted to and active with the State Bar of California. Daniel was a visiting Professor at IE Law School and a Fellow at CodeX, the Stanford Center for Legal Informatics.


HUMANS OF LEGALTECH: Meet LegalOn Technologies, AI contract review that helps 5,000+ legal teams negotiate stronger deals 85% faster


Event Description

Welcome to Humans of LegalTech, where we tell the story of how LegalOn Technologies is advancing contract review in legal departments across the world.


Join us at 12pm ET / 9 am PT as Shai will interview Daniel Lewis, the US CEO of LegalOn, the global leader in AI Contract Review software trusted by 5,000 legal teams globally. Daniel, a recognized legal technology expert, previously pioneered data analytics in legal research with Ravel Law and, after its acquisition by LexisNexis, oversaw multiple business units, including as VP of practical guidance.

LegalOn’s AI reviews and redlines contracts based on an unmatched collection of attorney-built playbooks and your preferences, helping legal teams save time, negotiate stronger terms, and turn contracts around faster.


We’ll review a contract live and show you how LegalOn’s AI and integrated legal knowledge are setting the standard for responsible AI assistance in legal work.


What we’ll cover:

  • LegalOn’s origin story: How LegalOn started in Japan and grew into a global leader in AI contract review.
  • Daniel’s career journey: How Daniel’s career at Ravel Law and LexisNexis led him to spearhead LegalOn’s entry into the United States.
  • The contract review challenge: How contract review inefficiencies cost time and distract from strategic work, and why traditional solutions aren’t effective.
  • LegalOn’s AI approach: How LegalOn combines industry-leading AI with up-to-date legal knowledge curated by experienced attorneys to enable legal-grade review.
  • Why LegalOn? How LegalOn differentiates itself from other AI contract review tools and CLMs.
  • The benefits: How LegalOn can deliver immediate value and ROI for in-house legal teams.


Who should attend:

All in-house legal professionals who are interested in LegalTech, AI Contract Review software, or law and entrepreneurship!

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