Vishaul Sunak

As CEO, Vishal is responsible for developing strategies aimed at assisting both corporate legal and finance teams with the review of their contracts. He works to prevent his customers from having to read each contract one by one.

He founded LinkSquares with the goal of building great products to improve how businesses operate. Prior to founding LinkSquares, he held positions in operations and product management at Backupify and InsightSquared. In 2020, Vishal was named an Ernest and Young Entrepreneur of the Year finalist in recognition of his dedication to innovation and growth.

Vishal has a B.S. in Engineering from Northeastern University and a M.S. from Worcester Polytechnic Institute.


HUMANS OF LEGALTECH: Meet the Founder and CEO of the CLM + Legal Project Management Solution Helping Over 1,000 In-House Legal Teams Unlock Their Full Potential


Event Description

Welcome to Humans of LegalTech, where we help tell the story of the LegalTech founders advancing innovation in today’s legal departments


Join us at 3pm ET / 12pm PT on Monday, June 10 as Shai will interview Vishal Sunak, the CEO and Founder of Linksquares, the trusted legal technology partner for more than 1,000 in-house teams, including Wayfair, ProPharma, TIME, The Boston Celtics, and Commvault. LinkSquares’ market-leading, AI-powered contract lifecycle management and legal project management solutions surface business intelligence with speed, accuracy, and scale.


Vishal is widely recognized as a thought leader in the legal technology space, where he has worked tirelessly to improve outcomes for legal teams, while elevating their visibility within the enterprise.


We will discuss:

  • How Vishal got started in his career and why he moved into LegalTech
  • When and why did he decide to start LinkSquares?
  • Why did he choose the name, LinkSquares?
  • What problem is LinkSquares trying to solve?
  • What makes LinkSquares different from other CLMs and Project Management tools?
  • How is LinkSquares helping Legal Departments today? and
  • Which Legal Departments in particular would benefit from LinkSquares?

Who should attend:

All in-house legal professionals who are interested in LegalTech, CLMs, Project Management tools, or law and entrepreneurship!


There is NO COST to attend this program!

This program is FREE, thanks to our gracious sponsor, LinkSquares! If you can’t attend the live program, the FREE recording will be available via the In-House Connect Hub

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