Noelle McCall is a distinguished professional in the field of contract risk management, serving as the Co-founder of Contract Risk Academy. Through her leadership, she offers a comprehensive suite of contract review tools, templates, training, and guidance. Noelle’s mission is to empower insurance, risk management, and legal professionals to adeptly navigate complex contract risk management strategies, ultimately reducing contractual risk with efficiency and precision.

Currently, Noelle holds the esteemed position of Director of Contract Risk Management at Peoples First Insurance in Rock Hill, SC. In this role, she demonstrates her commitment to delivering innovative and effective contract review consulting solutions. By prioritizing the unique needs of each client, Noelle designs tailored strategies that simplify and streamline the review process, thereby minimizing contractual risk for her clients.

This program is approved for CLE and CPD credit in the following states: Arkansas, British Columbia, California, Illinois, Nevada, New York, Pennsylvania and Texas. 

This program is pending CLE credit in the following states: Georgia, Iowa, Minnesota, Missouri, North Carolina, Ohio, Tennessee, Utah, Vermont, Wyoming and Wisconsin.

This program is pending CLE and CPD credit for self-application by the attorney or for reciprocal CLE credit in the following states: Alabama, Alaska, Arizona, Colorado, Connecticut, Delaware, Florida, Hawaii, Idaho, Indiana, Kansas, Kentucky, Louisiana, Maine, Montana, Nebraska, New Jersey, New Hampshire, New Mexico, North Dakota, Oklahoma, Oregon, Québec, Rhode Island, South Carolina and Washington.

We do NOT provide CLE for: Virginia or Mississippi.


This program is appropriate for newly admitted attorneys and experienced attorneys.

Utilizing Insurance Provisions to Fortify Indemnity Clauses in Commercial Contracts: A Guide for In-House Counsel


Event Description

In-house counsel are on the frontline of navigating the complexities of commercial contracts and the risks they carry. Understanding how to effectively use insurance products to mitigate these risks is crucial.


Join us on Thursday, February 8, 2024, at 12pm ET / 9 am PT for the next edition of our IHC Contract Essentials Series, as Noelle McCall, Co-Founder of Contract Risk Academy, will explore the strategic use of Commercial General Liability (CGL) insurance in reinforcing indemnity clauses.


Noelle will discuss the intricacies of (1) Additional Insured coverage and (2) Contractual Liability coverage — two powerful provisions of CGL insurance that can serve as safeguards for your organization.


Discussion topics include:


  • Understanding Indemnity Clauses in Contracts – limitations, uses, and goals of indemnity provisions
  • Indemnity vs. Additional Insured Comparison
    • Additional Insured Coverage – Definition and uses of additional insured coverage
    • Additional Insured vs. Contractual Liability Comparison – In-depth exploration of the differences between each coverage and practical insights into navigating and leveraging both within contracts.
  • Contractual Liability Unveiled
  • Key Takeaways & Action Items


Who should attend:

All levels of in-house counsel, contract managers, and legal operations professionals who review, manage, draft or edit contracts for their organization.


There is NO COST to attend this program!

This program is FREE, thanks to our gracious sponsor, In-House Connect On-Demand! If you can’t make it to the live program, the recording will be available for viewing via our paid CLE library, In-House Connect On-Demand!

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